Coffee Club

Pitch Deck.


As the correlation between business productivity and employee satisfaction strengthens, organizations will seek turn-key products to bake into their company culture strategy.  Adoption of such products will be led by young companies experiencing fast and focused growth, wherein a healthy culture generally deteriorates due to neglect or misappropriated resources.


Coffee Club was designed to be a recurring in-office experience where ten employees from across an organization were randomly selected to meet for a privately hosted coffee break.  The idea was to “unlock” face time, feedback, brainstorms, and the like between employees that would not interface in the flow and structure of a company’s daily routine.  Insights were pulled from employee surveys to quantify the service’s culture impact for organization decision makers.

Coffee Club was to revise the traditional barista employment experience, divorce it from a cafe setting, and build an independent contractor model by visiting offices and hosting Coffee Club bookings.

Coffee Club was to serve as an organic marketing vehicle for coffee roasting partners to reach ideal customers front and center.

Coffee Club piloted with Tumblr, WeWork, Casper, and other early stage startups, and partnered with Toby’s Estate and Luna Coffee Roasters.