I co-founded Coffee Club as an experiment in organizational psychology in the face of a new kind of company: the startup. The goal of our service was to help make employees feel more connected, with one another and their employer, in the chaos of growth. We innovated on an existing, contextual employee experience – the coffee break – to create a turn-key, quantifiable culture strategy that scaled with head count.

Plain and simple, we created the service because we wished it existed; beer on tap and ping pong tables was a lazy answer to a tough question. My personal experience working for hyper-growth startups suggested what I later crystallized in research for the project: productive, engaged human resources leads to healthier business outcomes as a direct result of meaningful company culture set, and most importantly nurtured, by founding teams.

We raised an angel investment to explore the concept.

“Mike is very rare in both his character and ability. He is a deeply empathetic and effective human – helping those around him to think bigger, and with more clarity and purpose. He is able to define and articulate vision, develop strategy, and execute cross-functionally between product, user experience, design, and operations. I’ve seen Mike become a linchpin within virtually every organization he’s joined, and for those who have known and worked with him, it’s very clear why.”

— Dana, my co-founder & CEO Redpoint Solutions