Hi there, my name is Michael.

I am a composer and conductor of ideas drawn from a lifelong pursuit to understand the nature of the world around and within us.

In doing so, I maintain one overarching goal: work towards the world that should be.

Together, this means understanding the capacity for human well-being and applying those insights to solve for the fractured conventions we’ve designed in our society. This also means prioritizing well-being on the level of the individual and having the courage to live in a way that directly or indirectly challenges those conventions. You might just set an example for others to do the same.

We all share the inner experience of being human. What we don’t share is the capacity to understand and purify that experience. This fools us into thinking that we’re different. I urge you not to believe this. Because this capacity can be learned. And the only pre-requisite for admission is that you are an intentional human willing to ask the hard questions.

I began, unknowingly, nurturing this capacity from an early age. As it turns out, the reward for suffering is experience. Connections drawn from cross-pollinating the fruits of introspection from trauma with observations of human nature makes for a dedicated student of the mind. It’s framed my worldview to be an ongoing, curious seeker of wisdom and empathy. And it’s this very capacity I wake each day and try to come at the world with; a cycle of absorption, distillation and employment. Sometimes I fail. Sometimes I succeed.

I arrived at the doors of my career energized to continue to nurture and discover this capacity’s most meaningful application. Since then, I’ve been fortunate to work on international brands, nimble high-growth technology startups and personal projects in New York City and San Francisco.

In late 2016, I took an open-ended sabbatical to pursue the esoteric and ineffable: world travel. For the following two and a half years, I traveled far and wide through Europe, Asia and the U.S. I Couchsurfed with strangers in seven countries, walked a 550-mile pilgrimage across Spain, redesigned an art blockchain platform, sailed the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas, organized dinner parties between random people and experienced countless other travel serendipities no tool for meaning could ever measure. You can see signatures of these experiences in my essays and photographs. And I intend to continue creating content and thinking about how to regurgitate those experiences to move others.

I love to connect with people and organizations with a vision to impact the world with similar intentions. I also love to be respectfully challenged. I’m particularly interested in projects in wellness, social impact, human connection, travel and creative expression.

Thank you for stopping by.