Selfishness is the accused and misleads the jury, epitomizing the advantage of likability in litigation.  Selfishness deserves an eloquent defense attorney.  It holds evidence to support a case in favor.

We assign selfishness to a wide range of behavior.  It’s largely understood to be an ego-centric personality flaw, serving only the individual who employs it.  But it’s a catch-all, circumstantially justified, and too quick to prescribe.  By weathering through the inclination to judge (others or ourselves), we can visualize what selfishness might be up to on a longer scale.  We don’t want to impair rise of thought or action that warrants celebration.

There is selflessness in selfishness.  While contradictory in audible, we can unpack the architecture of a self-serving decision and breathe clarity into both the value of the act and the intention of the actor.

We’re constantly taking self-inventory on the kingdom of our disposition — assessing qualities worth honoring and others standing to benefit from upgrade or revision.

It’s an inherent system we all share.  If the ego’s echo carries the farthest in your internal dialogue, he’ll do what he does best: manipulate the decision-making that reflects corrosive, selfish behavior harming others and yourself in the process.  But it’s self-love that speaks softly and carries the biggest stick.  Give her the floor.

Nurture your body, mind, and spirit.  The practical application of this ideology casts broadly, but to be what we’d call selfless, not selfish — to do for another without fine print reciprocity — we must first love ourselves, and live intentionally as such.  The value and growth incubated from investing in self-loving behavior gets passed on to those around you.  Those you love.  And here’s the enchantment of our nature: the more you unconditionally love yourself, the more you unconditionally love others.  All others.  And ego-centric selfishness is no match for unconditional love.

Why let the ego sentence a punishment when self-love sets you free?

Go be selfish.  Case closed.

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