Buy the seller

This is a common expression shared by folks in the vintage watch community.  It reminds buyers that beyond the required due diligence (given the volume of ersatz and inconsistent examples in the market), an absolute conviction in the reputation of the seller must inform your commitment to do business.

Here, the notion of buying the seller is obvious.  It’s also easier to evaluate a purchasing decision when you’re face to face, one to one.  Perhaps we find such joy and ease in supporting small, local businesses because the experience is palpable.

Conversely, larger enterprises behind the products and services we purchase don’t always imbue us with that comforting presence of the tender human touch.  We sense the void when we consume their marketing content, visit their stores, engage with their employees.  It can feel like a doctored, visceral inauthenticity.

Here, the notion of buying the seller is often cloaked by several cascading layers.  A seller with resources can craft whatever narrative they choose – behind a marketing campaign is spend, behind spend is a product, behind a product is a process, behind a process is a seller, and behind the seller is his or her intentions.

To buy from a seller is to finance their intentions.

Organizations that make meaningful and public investments in their product quality, supply chain, employees, the environment, charity and the like can be great indicators of integrity and value driven intention.  It brings their footprint on the world full circle, swiveling around a nourishment of the human experience.

The seller you buy from is a choice.  And a choice worth considering carefully.

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