Christmas can come early this year

An emerging trend has tapped me on the shoulder, asked I pay attention and track her.

An indulgence in holiday spirit has announced itself far earlier this Fall than past. Folks are glowing with the coming season. And they’re not afraid to show it.

It’s like a virus adopted on contact. The moment you enter the home of a peer who’s already been infected – Nat Cole puts chestnuts to fire, baking sugar aroma flirts with you from the kitchen, or stringed lights dance around the ceiling like souls departing from body to Heaven – you are transformed. Inflated by Christmas joie de vivre.

Maybe this is the beautiful manifestation of our culture being in a deep time of need for peace, love, and grace. An idea lost on our media institution that force feeds a doctored narrative outlining only what highlights the worst and uncommon aspects of human nature. I think this conscious intentionality for truth distortion is a cry for help either way.  As individuals, we typically lash out with words or actions antithetical to what we wholly need. So it shouldn’t necessarily be a surprise to witness it through the distribution methods of our media. An organization is simply the makeup of the individuals that operate it after all.

So in the spirit of the holidays, joining in on the cheer – early or incrementally – may be your chance to hold a candle in this choir. Even just flickers do their part in diluting darkness.

Give yourself permission.

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