Are vision and depth the same?

They share a jumping off point – the surface, an existing belief, a perceived reality, or a simple curiosity.

While they are directionally opposite conceptually speaking – external vs. internal respectively – the motivation is singular.  We seek (or ought to) fundamental truths beyond mass belief systems about ourselves and our world.  These very belief systems are reimagined when we have folks come along who discover the next truth by way of vision or depth. Resulting from a brave and personal vertical and horizontal exploration of oneself or an idea with no guide or manual.

In hindsight, we realize a metaphorical curtain has been drawn revealing what was already there but often disguised or hidden.

It’s a simple framework that we can all put into practice – a deliberate attempt to see ahead and deep within.

Sometimes two roads leading in opposite directions eventually meet.  Are vision and depth the same?

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