“And plus, one more thing… I can’t talk fast enough for you.

The picture they’re showing me, how ironic, is the Statue of David in Florence, Italy.  And you’ve probably heard this but they want me to repeat it — the true story where Michelangelo gets commissioned to go to Florence and sculpt it.

So he’s working on it, working on it, working on it.  I mean first of all, it took him years.  He didn’t do it in a couple of months.  They finally have the unveiling in the town square and of course everyone goes up to him and says, ‘Michelangelo… how on earth were you able to take a flat, city-long block piece of marble and carve this life sized masterpiece?’

And he didn’t answer right away because he was sincerely reflecting.  And then he simply said seven words:

I just carved away what wasn’t David.”


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